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In-person training sessions are provided on request and can be customized based on the learning needs of the audience. We differentiate our training by providing highly interactive sessions, conducted by experts presenting key information and best practices the learner can apply immediately!

To request an in-person training session, review the offerings by clicking on one of the courses below and then contact your Arch MI Account Manager.

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Enhance your understanding of mortgage fraud, how to spot it and how to prevent it. Learn ways to prevent fraudulent loans, increase your awareness of the sources of fraud and discover how to identify "Red Flags."

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors, and Underwriters

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Identifies the key areas to focus on in the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report. In reviewing each section, you will develop a broader understanding of the appraisal and the Sales Comparison Approach.

Audience: Loan Processors and Underwriters

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Enhance your understanding of self-employed borrowers and develop an understanding of the components of business tax returns. Allowable add-backs and required deductions will be discussed, and we’ll demonstrate how to calculate income from various business structures, introducing you to the Arch MI Tax Return Analysis Calculator (AMITRAC), the industry’s most user-friendly Schedule Analysis form.

Audience: Loan Originators, Sr. Processors, Underwriters

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Discusses the basic principles of loan review and the fundamentals of mortgage risk. Learn the three Cs of mortgage banking and the factors that make up a credit score in this foundational session.

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors and Jr. Underwriters

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Discusses the role of loan processing and reviews how to gather, analyze and verify required loan documentation. Enables you to properly prepare files for Underwriting by making sure the1003 is complete and that file documentation is fully verified and consistent.

Audience: Loan Originators and Loan Processors

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Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition and gain market share by becoming the best choice for mortgages among borrowers and Realtors®.

Audience: Loan Originators, Managers, and Marketing Staff

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Learn about income, potential “Add Backs” and required deductions for self-employed borrowers. Income will be analyzed and calculated from 1040s, 1065s, 1120Ss and 1120s.

Audience: Loan Originators, Loan Processors and Underwriters

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Learn effective selling skills and interpersonal techniques that earn you more business, attract better-quality loans and enable you to become a trusted advocate for your borrowers.

Audience: Loan Originators