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RateStar pricing is based on a set of factors that are weighed and combined to logically and dynamically calculate the mortgage insurance premium. The underlying rate model takes into account the broad variety of risk characteristics present in each loan to provide Arch MI’s most competitive rates for individual loans.

You must use your own information to access RateStarSM. By using RateStar, you agree to all terms of use – any other access to, or use of, RateStar content is not authorized by Arch MI.

Welcome to RateStar!

RateStar makes it easy for you to receive an instant Arch MI rate quote that dynamically considers the unique combination of loan and borrower characteristics in each loan to determine the most complete and precise premium rate, based on the risk represented by the loan. If RateStar pricing is not yet available to you, or if you choose rate sheet pricing, your quote will be based on Arch MI’s standard rate schedules, which consider LTV, coverage percentage and credit score as the primary class factors for calculating premium.

RateStar pricing is available to all lenders and the dynamic RateStar tool can be accessed on Arch MI’s website and mobile app to generate premium quotes for all loans. RateStar pricing can also be generated on our origination platform, CONNECT, and is seamlessly integrated with most industry loan origination systems and pricing engines.

Initial information is required by the RateStar quote generator tool to verify your eligibility to access RateStar pricing and to identify the appropriate premium rate for your loan. To begin, at the RateStar Welcome screen, just enter your NMLS (National Mortgage Licensure System) number or authorized email and select Get RateStar Pricing. You can look up your NMLS number by selecting the link on the RateStar home screen. If you do not have an NMLS number and want to access RateStar pricing via your email address, select Request Access on the Welcome screen. You will be asked for your name, business email and company affiliation. Arch MI will respond by email to your access request as soon as possible. If you have not received a response within two business days, please contact Arch MI Sales Support at 888-746-6264 or

By using RateStar, you agree to our Terms of Use. Any other access to, or use of, RateStar content is not authorized by Arch MI. You may not copy, distribute, publish, modify or otherwise use RateStar content, except for the specific purposes outlined above, without prior written consent from Arch MI. Arch MI expressly disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for any claim, loss or damage of any kind, based upon use of, or information contained in, RateStar or RateStar quotes or otherwise arising out of or relating to RateStar use.

Arch MI is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of customer information, while delivering fast and efficient service. To read more about our policies and protections with regard to private information, visit our Privacy & Security page.

Arch MI includes, without limit, Arch Mortgage Insurance Company, Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company and United Guaranty Residential Insurance Company.

Requesting a Rate Quote

To start the quote process, select the appropriate factors under our EZ Monthly and Single Premium plans. To speed the quote, RateStar defaults to common loan values, which can be changed as needed. Press Start A New Quote to advance and complete the loan information as required on each screen. RateStar checks submitted information against basic company guidelines and will show error messages if unsupported information is entered. For all screens, be sure to review all required fields, including any pre-populated fields, for accuracy before submitting your quote request.

Your RateStar Final Quote and RateStar Buydown

The Final Quote screen will request that you enter your Master Policy number. It will show you an initial rate quote, based on a common set of loan factors. You can compare Arch MI premium plan options, such as EZ Monthly versus Single Premium.

Once you have your Final Quote, you have the option to use the RateStar Buydownâ„  feature. You can buy down your borrower’s MI premium and use all outstanding lender credits to customize it to an exact dollar amount. To learn more about RateStar Buydown, please review our RateStar Buydown Process Guide.

RateStar quotes are estimates, based on the data provided, considering currently applicable rates, factors and legal restrictions, all of which are subject to change without notice. RateStar does not evaluate whether a loan meets all current eligibility requirements and should not be used for such purpose. Arch MI underwriting requirements are available at:

RateStar quotes are neither binding nor an agreement by Arch MI to extend insurance coverage until and unless a Commitment is issued. Final premium and coverage approval is subject to the rates and guidelines in effect on the date the Commitment is issued, with the exception of the RateStar Promise for RateStar Final Quotes, as discussed below. RateStar quotes may not include all premium taxes, assessments or other charges required by state or local laws, unless otherwise indicated.

Arch MI’s RateStar Promise will honor the quoted premium amount for 90 days for all quotes based on RateStar pricing. You have 90 days to prepare your loan for closure and submission for an insurance Commitment and, so long as there is no change to the submitted loan information, Arch MI will honor its RateStar Promise for the quoted RateStar pricing based premium amount unless prevented by law such as due to a change to the rates legally available for use by Arch MI.

You can save or email the Final Quote or connect directly to your CONNECT pipeline if you have entered your master policy number prior to ordering. If you have multiple master policies available for RateStar pricing, select the correct master policy for this loan from the drop-down list.

Following a RateStar Final Quote, please submit the loan to CONNECT or another appropriate channel, for Commitment issuance as soon as possible. Final premium and coverage approval are subject to compliance with all guidelines in effect on the date the Commitment is issued. If needed, you can submit your RateStar Final Quote via CONNECT to support the rate to be applied under the RateStar Promise.

If you have any questions regarding your RateStar quote, please contact Arch MI Operations at 877-642-4642. Arch MI rules and rates are subject to change at any time.

Saving, Comparing and Copying Rate Quotes

RateStar has a useful feature for repeat users, allowing you to look at, copy or compare previous RateStar quotes to the quote for your current loan. Once a final RateStar Final Quote is provided, you can save, email or copy this quote, or connect directly to CONNECT or other delivery pipeline for Commitment if your master policy number has been entered.

After you sign in to RateStar with your NMLS number or authorized email, a list of your Previous Quotes will appear on the Get Started page. If you used your Master Policy number to sign in, Previous Quotes will allow you to review quotes at a later date or Copy or Compare options. When you are ready for issuance of a RateStar Final Quote, you are asked to assign a nickname to this quote – a name that will identify the loan to you, but that should not include any non-public personal information, including Social Security Number or confidential lender or loan information.

On the Start A New Quote page, you can use the Copy option to start a new quote for a loan similar to a previously quoted loan. The loan factors for the past loan will populate the quote screens, allowing you to change just those factors that are different for the new loan.

When a RateStar Final Quote is provided, you will be given the options to save the quote as a PDF (Save PDF), send the quote to yourself or others as an email (Send via Email), or to copy the quote (Copy). These features will help you to manage your quotes and expedite loan processing.