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Tap into a More Powerful RateStar:
RateStar Buydown

The industry's risk-based MI pricing leader features a unique new tool for loan officers: RateStar BuydownSM.

Now you can buy down your borrower’s MI premium to an exact dollar amount.

RateStar Buydown makes it easy to experiment with different combinations of upfront and monthly payments to customize the perfect solution for cost-conscious borrowers.

It’s the ultimate flexibility for lenders:

  • Buy down the MI using any lender and/or seller credits, as well as borrower funds – no money left on the table.
  • Lower premium payments allow more loans to qualify for GSE loan requirements.*
  • Works with Arch MI's Standard and EZ Monthly plans, as well as Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company (AMGC) products.
  • Guarantees our most competitive rates for your borrower’s loan.


Use RateStar Buydown to offer your borrower a unique MI premium payment the competition can’t match. You’ll close more loans and collect more referrals.

*For example, Fannie Mae Debt-to-Income ratios and/or Freddie Mac Automated Underwriting System approval.

RateStar: The Industry's Leading Risk-Based MI Pricing Solution

Arch MI RateStar® goes well beyond traditional rate sheets to provide competitive rates matched precisely to your borrower.

Dynamic Pricing Rewards You and Your Borrowers

Arch MI’s RateStar evaluates a wide variety of loan characteristics to provide the most tailored, complete and precise MI rate. Veriļ¬ed users enter loan characteristics into the innovative RateStar interface to:

  • Get an instant quote.
  • Save, share or print the quote for future reference.
  • View side-by-side comparisons to pick the best MI option.

All RateStar Final Quotes have our 90-Day Promise.* As long as there is no change to the submitted loan information, Arch MI will honor the RateStar Final Quote for 90 Days!

Arch MI RateStar is a More Sophisticated Pricing Solution

  • RateStar has an advanced, revolutionary design that delivers an MI Quote in seconds.
  • Rate Star is easy to use and fully mobile, you can access anywhere, anytime.
  • RateStar provides a more sophisticated and dynamic pricing solution than conventional rate sheets.
  • RateStar is integrated with most LOS and Pricing Engines.
  • RateStar rewards your origination of high-quality loans.
  • RateStar is backed by Arch MI’s “People Power,” providing superior support and service.

RateStar Can Be Accessed Everywhere Your Business Takes You

  • Online at
  • Through the Arch MI Mobile App.
  • Inside our origination system, CONNECT.
  • Through most LOS and Pricing Engines.

Outshine the Competition with RateStar Competitive Pricing and More…

  • RateStar provides Arch MI’s Most Dynamic and Competitive MI Rate Program!
  • RateStar allows you to Get, Save, Share and Print quotes quickly and easily.
  • RateStar can compare Arch MI product rates and FHA.
  • 90-Day Promise** ensures your RateStar Final Quote will be honored while you work to close the loan.