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Arch MI Policy Servicing offers the tools and resources to help you improve efficiencies and reduce costs:

  • ArchMIConnect® makes it easy to access current policy status, policy maintenance, portfolio reporting, online default reporting and claims filing.
  • A customer service representative is your point of contact for all activation, billing and policy maintenance questions and activities.
  • Arch MI offers a number of ways to update policies and report defaults electronically via EDI, XML, and spreadsheet.

Policy Servicing Contact Information

 Billing and payment inquiries
 Cancellation requests
 Loan sales and servicing transfers

 Loan closing dates
 Electronic billing setup
 Coverage reinstatements and commitment extensions

 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific time

Premium Remittance Addresses

Arch MI Dallas Lockbox Address:
Arch Mortgage Insurance Company
P.O. Box 630046
Dallas, TX 75263-0046

Arch MI Dallas overnight address:
Arch Mortgage Insurance Company
c/o BancTec BPO Wholesale Processing Center
2701 E. Grauwyler Road, Building 1
Irving, TX 75061


Until further notice, which shall be reasonably supplied, submission of the Servicing Report defined in the Arch Master Policy under Section 5.4 is voluntary.

If a servicer wishes to voluntarily submit the Servicing Report, Arch MI will accept either the comprehensive or minimum version of the MILAR template – or any other subset of MILAR the servicer chooses to report.

*Please note that Default Reporting is required. For more information regarding monthly delinquency reporting please visit the Arch Default Reporting page.